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News Archive

News Archive
Aviation Security Reg.Agt

07.01.2013 on the Italian CAA ENAC website have been published
Circular SEC 05, with content and training procedures for security
which will enter into force 30 days after publication;
and Training manual for security

These are the new scenarios with all training requirements
for each task carried out in the security of air transport:
course contents;
terms of the minimum compulsory basic and recurrent courses;
the timing of update
the need for certification at ENAC


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Aviation Security for Air Cargo and Mail Regulated Agent

As per official ENAC definition: “The dossier nr.3 of the Italian National Plan for Civil Aviation Security sets the role of a Regulated Agent, which means forwarders or any other certified subject who has commercial relations with Airport operators or Airlines. The Regulated Agent guarantees the security controls on cargo and mail in order to prevent any illegal introduction of weapons, explosives and any other object that might interfere with the normal air traffic.”

As established by the European and National regulations, the course is compulsory for the operators of the Air Cargo and Mail Regulated Agents who are responsible for the air freight and for the operators involved in security both through manual and with equipment controls. According to the task relative to the security of the goods shipped by air, the professionals qualified within the company are the national safety manager, the local manager, the goods reception operators, the warehouse and goods control (manual and with equipment) operators, drivers responsible for the goods transportation and other people involved in the operations regarding the cargo air freight (including the documentation issue).      

Objectives of the course
To enable the participant to be in line with the National and International reference law (Reg. EU 185/2010, ENAC Circular letter and the National Plan for Civil Aviation Security) by learning the necessary specific basic information about the commercial air freight security for all types of goods.  

Contents of the course

Include a general part for every due training and a specific part related to the type of staff involved in each course.  

- Acts of illicit interference with the air freight 
- Evolution of terrorist methods  
- International conventions  
- International organizations       - International regulations 
- National organizations              - National regulations


- Security measures and procedures for: 
  Passengers and hand baggage           Checked baggage
  Crews                                                         Goods and mail
- Normative details  
- Techniques to identify the suspect parcels and operational procedures 
- Goods parcels and identification of signs of opening/breaking
- Management of situations of threat
- Airport infrastructure security aspects 
- Critical parts of an airport 
- Airport permissions 
- General aviation 
- Inspections, quality controls
- Regulations development

Modality and duration

Basic and refresher course, arranged according to task and relative security qualification
Duration from a minimum of 4 hours up to 5 days

- Scheduled classrooms or on higher demand based
- On client premises



phone 0039 02 873 66 218

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